January 31, 2013

I was asked to do an interview by a newspaper reporter today.  This is something I used to jump at.

Initially that was my response.  After all, it was my default one, but then as the day went on I didn’t feel like doing the interview.

Instead the thought came to me, I SHOULD BE WRITING THIS ARTICLE.

I had memories of doing interviews in the past, one in particular where I spent 30 minutes (I think) on the phone with a writer, to only get 1 line quoted from me and the rest of this person’s article was almost word for word what I had shared, which I think is pretty much plagiarism.  I basically wrote the article for this person, they just happened to type it up, take credit for it and get paid for it.

So as I stare at this person’s email I don’t want to do it and this is what I am thinking about — how do I tell them I’m sorry, no longer interested after I told them I’d get back to them later in the day?

I am grateful for this experience as it shows me what I am desiring these days.

To write articles for papers and magazines on a regular basis and get paid for it.

This is something I used to do (for a national magazine) but stopped it for other reasons, various reasons, it wasn’t worth the hassle and it’s something I left behind.  From time to time I would send out some feelers with not much success.

Well, today I sent out some emails, pitching story ideas for Valentines day.

This is something I want to write articles for and get paid for it.  Forget these interviews, I’m no longer interested.