February 25, 2014

The squirrels appearing this morning also were a reflection as well as a confirmation of me preparing to move.

My first step was to donate items and sell my furniture.  But now that I only have a couch and a bed left there is no more furniture.  Very little things.  Just the final questioning of will I be taking this, do I need this, do I love this or not.

And then putting things into boxes or keeping them in my room if I am going to pack them in my suitcase.

Yesterday I did my first run through of packing up my car with boxes.  Seeing which fit, how they fit and deciding how I want to do this all.

Taking everything out of my cupboards, looking at it again, and releasing more items.

Only the bare essentials now.

And only the things I want to bring into my new life.

Nothing from the old — as it all carries different energy I’m no longer aligned with.

So when I first saw the squirrels I was thinking they were a signal to rest… but I also think now — I know, they are reflecting all the preparation I am doing.

Squirrels typically store nuts for the winter (not here.  Squirrels are so skinny here it’s funny!)

But that’s what I’m doing.

Preparing for my journey.  Preparing for my move.

And I am loving it.

Thank you squirrel.