April 21, 2013

So another hesitation I have about making these government “conspiracy” (which are really truths videos) is that I’m concerned about already preaching to the choir.

Already talking to people who are awake and aware of what the government is doing and how they lie to us.

And then my ego will say, what’s the point?

What’s the point of doing them if you’re preaching to the choir?

Well, here’s the point.

You help your “choir” get stronger, get louder — so then they can reach more people with you.

They build their confidence.  Getting more comfortable with the topic.  Seeing someone else doing it gives them strength and a modeling that it’s okay to share their voice too.

It also does bring in new people.  Because someone may not be attracted to an Alex Jones (InfoWars.com) – he’s intense and a bit on the crazy side and confusing how he presents things — so someone may be and will be more attracted to me and my energy.  My way of explaining things.  This is good.

So things spread.  You do reach more people and you build your congregation.  A strong congregation is what anyone wants.  (interesting what came out of this post… about “congregation” — and my attraction to ministers / my Joel Osteen post)  Interesting.