November 13, 2012

The most amazing genius idea came to me yesterday.  For months, many years, I have been missing my fun side.  Over the weekend I was thinking about it again.  An old friend randomly appeared on my Facebook – a friend I hadn’t spoken to in many years.  It must have been 1999 or 2000.  Wow, such a long time ago.  She was a fun friend and by glancing at her current pictures, she was still fun.

But where was I?

I was Miss Serious.  I had become serious.  Not on purpose, but by default.  Over the years I got into spirituality.  I REALLY got into it.  I got into healing.  REALLY got into it.  I got tired of going clubbing.  It was boring to me.  I got tired of drinking, no interest.  I moved out of NYC.

My old friends weren’t as much of interest.  They were still drinking and clubbing and acting stupid.  I was too spiritual for that.  But for real, I had a different perspective on things.  I was growing and healing and changing and the things that would trip them up, the dramas they would go through, I couldn’t relate to, plus didn’t have the patience for, because I was already past that.  A lot past that.

Growth and healing happens quickly when you dedicate your life to it and for me it became a full time position.

So when I saw this girl over the weekend on Facebook – my old “fun” friend – I got sad.  I started asking questions like, what happened to me.  Where did that fun person go?  This girl carries such life force with her.  I’m so boring and blah.  I miss that.  I want it back.

And then I was reminded of the several years that followed, when I created and was running an Event Planning company in NYC.  I was still fun for those years.  That lasted 5+ years.  Something like that.  I was fun then…. I used to goof off with my staff.  We did goofy playful events.  Okay, I was still playful then.  But we weren’t teaching spirituality – I was organizing sex events.  Strip tease classes, lap dance classes, blow job classes.  Yep, I did naughty type classes 🙂  The first in NYC and it was great.  I wouldn’t do that these days (at least I don’t think so) but back then it was where I was in my life.  It was my interest, my passion.

My specialty was bringing FUN to sexuality.  Sexuality is always so serious.  People get shy around it.  They feel nervous or embarrassed.  My events successfully made the events fun.  Girls would have hysterical laughing fits, we’d take pictures, it was great memories.  I have great pictures from those events and girls would tell me years later how they loved the events I did.  And it was true, they were pretty fantastic.

But that was years ago… and then I “came out of my shell” and decided to stop hiding and teach what I was meant to teach.  But for the years that followed, it was great, but serious.

So this weekend I spoke to Spirit.  I said, how can I bring fun to spirituality?  It’s gotten to be too serious.

1 day later, I got my answer.  (see my next post – it’s a cliffhanger) 🙂