April 14, 2013

Yesterday – and again today I am practicing receiving.

I seem to get a lot of messages from Spirit to RECEIVE and to LET IT COME TO ME.

So yesterday I said to Spirit, what is all this receiving?  How am I doing it wrong?  Show me how to do it.

So they did.  And it was awesome.

I received smiles along my walk to the supermarket.

I received a food sample at the supermarket

(Both of these things I was going to “not” receive) — The food it wasn’t ready when I was there and I didn’t care that much, but Spirit told me to RECEIVE

Then I received help for looking for something I wanted to find at the supermarket, although I noticed how I was starting to talk before I was finished receiving what the people were saying to me.

Then when i was checking out, I asked the guys to pack my backpack with the food — I was going to do this myself, but decided to RECEIVE — and it ended up two guys did the work.

I think there was some more stuff that happened while I was practicing, I’m going to do it again today.