February 17, 2013

So since I had my photoshoot – well, actually when I was there — I kept on thinking “I should be doing this.”  Half the time we were there I was directing her anyway.  Sure, we did a good job, but I kept looking at the shots and re-positioning myself.  Things she didn’t catch, that I thought she should have caught.. but that’s just me.

And that’s the beauty of it.

Then this got me thinking.  Maybe as part of working with my students, I do a photoshoot with them, taking pictures of them with the new energy, the new them.

I love looking at my pictures.  I am so beautiful and radiant.  (I was going to say “I look” so… but changed my speech) – because I am so beautiful and radiant.

And that’s what really has taken hold with this experience.  It’s also just where I am these days.

Really loving life.  Loving my creativity.  Loving my growth, etc.

My students need to get used to being in front of people.  They need to get used to seeing themselves in a picture, in front of a crowd, etc.

Being seen.

We all have been hiding for too long.  I am no longer doing that.  These photos really have that energy, HERE I AM.  THANK YOU G-D!  I LOVE IT!

Then the other thought, about helping my students be on camera.  Coaching them.

I remember when I tried to get into photography and I never really liked it.  Never knew what to take pictures of and then when I did, didn’t know what to do with the pictures of random people and landscape, I never felt like wasting money to print them out and then again, didn’t know what to do with them.

It’s not my thing.


Interestingly enough, just about a week ago I took a video of one of my students.  A before video.

And maybe I will coach him to be on camera for the after.  Maybe that’s one of the last sessions.  Teaching about voice and confidence.  But that may be weird.  Look like it’s a personal interest for me to get a better testimonial, but that’s not it.  I would really enjoy teaching this student how to speak more confidently, be in their power.  All of my students.  This would be great fun.  Teachings in voice and poise.  I feel they could all benefit from that.

So I think video is more my thing.  I’ll have to work it in more.  I’d like to do that.

I feel my creativity expanding more and I love it.  I have been feeling it for several months now, but haven’t really pursued anything deeper.  I would like to.

I would definitely like to do more with video.  And yes, still thinking of photography (although I used to love taking pictures of kids, but that’s a social no-no to be taking photos of kids that you don’t know… lol… like a creepy stalker… but then again, I’d come home with photos of kids I didn’t know and I was like, what do I do with this now?? and then delete them.  Funny)