February 16, 2013

I have been making good movement with my book and I want to take this moment to appreciate myself and Spirit – we’re perfect together.

It’s such a beautiful dance that we’ve been doing and it feels heavenly – I love it — writing the book is so easy, simple, and flows.

I write and then ideas flow through my head — memories of my ex and I that would be good to go in the book.

Then I will take a break or take off the rest of the day and then something will happen in real life that will remind me of something that happened in our love story.

I’ll give you two examples… these things happen every day and I am so grateful and it’s so beautiful and I LOVE LIVING MY LIFE THIS WAY!

1 – Yesterday I was walking towards my car and this British man, who hangs out with my neighbor (which I find interesting and synchronicic enough – and yes, I know I made up that word) 🙂 he was walking to my neighbors door with roses ordered from online, one day late for Valentines Day.  And it was PERFECT TIMING because it reminded me of my British ex, how he kept on ordering flowers from me from an online source and how I was upset with him cause they were ripping him off, etc.  Anyway, it’s a whole story and I’m going to put that in the book now.  It was something I had totally forgot!  PERFECT TIMING!  “So perfect together”

2 – Then something else that happened two days ago, on the 14th was I was saving some things to a memory stick.  I don’t know what happened on my computer but all of a sudden I opened my trash on my computer and there were all these pictures from trips my ex and I had taken.  I had deleted these MANY MONTHS ago, where did they come from?  The memory stick?  They weren’t saved on there either.  It was crazy cakes! 🙂  So it was also great because it made me remember a trip that I had forgotten we took.  PERFECT TOGETHER

So that’s how my life goes now, not only with this book, but with everything.  I just stay in constant contact with Spirit and I let them help guide me, perfect.

These days it’s much more about receiving than trying to direct where I go.