June 22, 2013

I heard something the other day that was really wise.  Two things actually.

One is that your dream isn’t just a dream… it’s not a pipedream… it’s an assignment from Spirit.  It’s your Divine Mission.  What you are here to do.  What you are here to complete.  That’s your blueprint of what to do in the world.

That felt really good to hear.

Then the other thing I heard was this.

That when you are not patient, you’re telling your angels, guides, and other Spirit friends that you don’t trust them.

That you don’t trust them that they’re working behind the scenes on your behalf.

That’s another thing that made me feel really good.


I’m in a really good place these days.  I am able to “see” my future and I know it’s here.  Working in TV, living the life of my dreams, being out in LA with all the movers and shakers, a really powerful woman shining her light for the good of all.

So at times I will feel like it’s right here.  Like one day away from happening.

And then other days I will feel the energy shift and used to get frustrated with “what’s going on?” and ” I wanted to move forward… and now what?”

But this new thought gives me the ability to rest in the knowing — the 100% knowing that Spirit is doing things for my good.  It is always doing things for my good — and if I am not there “yet” it means there’s a reason why I am here.  Whether there’s something to learn… or adjustments I need to make… or a need for some rest before it all starts to happen… or the need for space so I can release some more old thoughts… or physical things in my environment… or the space for a great idea to come through, like it did the other day about getting my road trip sponsored.

It came to me last night to contact some car companies as well….

The thought was that maybe MY car ends up getting shipped and that I drive a truck or some SUV or something across country and blog about driving it…

So everything is calm here, trusting, and surrendering.

Love this post.

PS:  Today, so far, I just released some plants and stuff that was on my patio.  You would be amazed (maybe) at how attached one may be to (all) their physical items.