February 19, 2014

I noticed today that I’m out of my comfort zone again with all this Dunn trial stuff — and more so, speaking up.

My stomach has been feeling funky on and off the last few days.

It’s my solar plexus.  The power center.

It’s okay — again, I’m working through it.

And I’m happy to be out of my comfort zone because my comfort zone sucked.

It was boring.

I felt stuck.

Now I feel alive.

On purpose.




On an adventure.

I also realized today on my walk why I still live in Florida.

As much as I have been wanting to move — and I still do feel it’s happening very soon (I know, I’ve been saying this for quite awhile — but now I’m all packed up..!) is that I live here in Florida because it’s safe.

I can hide.

Just today I was thinking “oh no, what if one of my neighbors recognizes me and turns me in — posts my address, etc”

And again, I stopped that — have been clearing that — and instead will manifest a huge penthouse level apartment where I can take up the whole floor and feel safe, being there surrounded by myself.

Just keep dreaming bigger.  Going bigger.

I want to believe, I need to believe, and I am clearing out these fears.

Praying a lot and clearing my energy body.

Thank you for this.

I am ready.

I am doing it.

Thank you.

PS:  It’s time for me to start doing some press.  I put in this request / made this statement an hour or so ago.  It’s time for me to start speaking out, a bigger platform, and to raise awareness.

I ask for this now. I am ready for it now.  I will receive it.

Thank you.