April 7, 2013

I am watching Oprah’s interview on Super Soul Sunday with Brene Brown.

First off, I really like Brene – she has a psychology background, she’s a researcher, she’s a teacher (professor) and she’s beautiful, plus a beautiful presenter.

I feel like we could be friends.

I’d like to be her friend.  I really like her.

So the thing with this post is that Oprah was reading from Brene’s book aloud.

Reading aloud from several of her books.

It’s an interview with just her and Oprah — for one hour.

And I want that.  I will have that.

Oprah reading from my books.  Telling me that the things I am saying make so much sense and her flattering my ego.


G-d, I love it.

Just the vision of that — Oprah reading my words from my books.  Oprah reading my books.




I’ll take that, thank you!  Yes!