March 16, 2014

Something has come into my head over the last day or two — and that is, when I rise — that people will probably start going around talking conspiracy theories that I’m bought off, am part of the Illuminati, am part of the CIA, etc.

It’s crazy making.

I see it with Alex Jones.

The guy shares good stuff.  He happens to know a lot of information.  And he’s one of the people who woke me up.

So I’m grateful to him for all of that.

Now he says certain things to people when they ask him why he’s not dead or hasn’t been hurt by the Illuminati — and he says things like “I’m protected” and continues to talk about how he’s protected by G-d

Well this is true. If you are with G-d, you’re protected. It’s the same answer I’d give.

But there are videos all over the place saying that Alex Jones is a fraud, and full of it, and a shrill and CIA agent.

Now I’m not sure about this right now. I feel he MAY be a CIA agent, but I haven’t found enough proof to convince me yet.

I found this quote that is from Lenin –it says –

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Fantastic. I love that.  So that makes sense to me. The idea behind disinformation is to confuse people, so they don’t know what to believe. It keeps them in an empowered state.

And it also makes sense that the CIA would put someone forth to share information — true stuff — as a way for the NWO to praise their ego.  Things are already on their way, all it does it serve to rev up society and get them upset and feel even more powerless. So I get this too.

So it’s ego — and then fear, confirming people are powerless.

It’s also a good way to keep track of people who question the government, to put them on classified lists — and we see how this is happening now in the world, people are being harassed, hurt, killed by the govt based on where they protest, where they post, what they say, etc.

So this all makes sense to me.

Oh, and also by making “our leader” — meaning the truth movement leader, a crazy man — which he does come across as crazy, then it makes us all seem like nuts who believe this “conspiracy” stuff.

So that all makes sense to me.

I do feel he may be CIA, but again I need more evidence.

And again, I keep laughing to myself cause I can see these ridiculous videos being made about me too, about how I am in the Illuminati too, that i must have “sold my soul” since I rose so fast.

Or something like that.

Or, again, maybe this is all daydreams and fantasy.

But no, they’re not.


Here’s a video of Alex Jones fake crying on air about September 11th.  I’m sure those Illuminati / Elite laugh each time they see Alex Jones and his outrageous performances. Again, really makes us in the truth movement look like out there nuts.

Alex Jones The Actor