February 18, 2013

So this post is related to the last post titled the same thing.

About that music / sound therapy guy I’m kind of friends with.  Well, he sent out an announcement for a recent sound meditation.  I sent him an email back.  Hey!  Will we be doing that singing stuff we used to do or did you change the format?

He changed the format.

“There wasn’t many people showing up for that stuff, so I changed it to a meditation”


A meditation.  How shitting.

So “one day it did NOT just grow”

One day you sold out.

“One day… it was NOT just the New Year” like he wanted me to believe on that night — it was that you changed the format to suit others needs.

Now I don’t know what’s deep in his heart, maybe he doesn’t care what he does – and just will do what the people want.

And to me, this is the traditional “SERVING” definition, you just do whatever Spirit / or / people want you to do.. you go where you are needed.

Well, okay…

But that’s not my way.

And it sort of turned me off from this guy (of course assumptions and intuitions, but I’m going with it…)

He’s NOT doing what’s in his heart – he’s doing what will get people in the door.

A sell out.

Now maybe this works for him… but it doesn’t for me.

My bi-monthly groups haven’t had many people there, but I am keeping to teach what I want to teach.  That’s important to me.  To honor what’s in my heart.


But I don’t think it is the meditations, I think it is the singing stuff he used to do and that’s why he did it for so long…

But anyway, it helped me re-clarify why I do things.  I do them cause they are in my heart.  Sure I am here to help others, but not at the sacrifice for things that I want to teach in my heart.

Not all of us are the same… and I know this, and it’s all good.  I’m just not feelin’ that…