January 10, 2013

The other thing that’s been going on these days – and yes, this is new as of this week… and that’s a settling into this new way of BEING.

That’s a taking it one day at a time.

What that means is that each day, when I wake up and then start work, I connect with Spirit and my heart and I check in, “What should I do today?”

And then whatever it says… I do.

Whether that’s hang out.  Go to the beach.  Cook a good meal.  Or send emails for a project, etc.

Like.. for today, the message was to rest.  So I am.  I also need to get off the computer… 🙂

But it was also like, let me send an email to the person who attends my spiritual talks and see if they want to promote and pass around my beach talk info.

So I did that.

Now I’m not perfect at this.  Like how some days it tells me to do yoga, which I hate, and I can’t get up enough motivation to do it…

But with work, I do it.

And that usually means to work less.  It’s called inspired action.

I don’t do anything anymore unless it’s inspired action.  How very cool!

So that’s something new this week and it’s something I’m proud of so I wanted to SHOUT IT OUT! 🙂

Before I was able to do this for some things and not others or for a short period of time and that’s it… but now I do it most of the time and I don’t get back into those old work patterns of forcing myself to do something I don’t feel inspired to do.

It’s really cool

It’s also, in my eyes, New World energy – the way to be in this new world is to take it one day at a time.  You know your goals, you know what you want to accomplish and then you take action when Spirit says to do it.

Very cool.  So grateful for this.  Thank you 🙂

PS:  Another snake showed up in my world today, through Facebook.  Wow, so much snake medicine!!