April 13, 2013

I’m on the verge of something.

But I’m not really sure of what just yet — it’s this anticipation which is so exciting, yet a bit anxiety forming.  I’m scrambling, looking everywhere.

It’s kind of funny actually.

So here’s the deal.

I realize that change happens with almost ALL of my students within 2-2 1/2 months time frame.  Either their gifts open up, the reduce their anxiety, they start on their life mission, they get to know more of their true self, or experience it for the first time, they reduce relationship anxiety, they reduce the anxiety while dating or in the relationship — and so on.

And yes, they get married too – although I stopped working with students teaching that one on one, since that’s really just a formula that they follow and do exercises.  I have it up on my website and they can work that on their own, at home  or I’ll teach more information and take them through specific exercise through the retreat.

Now here’s the deal.  I feel like making more firm of an offering.

People say not to guarantee results, but I feel like I can.

Although I don’t want to get myself into trouble of course.

The times when something didn’t work out spectacular with a student, and there hasn’t been many was when 1) the person blew off the exercises, didn’t do much or anything

2) was hung up on an ex and wouldn’t let go.

3) related to number 2 – fixated on being miserable, this was related to #2 (same person – actually happened with two people)

4) Actually, that was it.

Everyone else — and no, I haven’t worked with millions of people – but everyone else has had great results.

It’s up to them to maintain whatever they need to — but I got them there.

Today I have been thinking how i enjoy that.  Boosting them up to the next level.  Working on short periods of time.  I’m even thinking of changing the duration time of sessions from 3 months to 2 1/2 months.

I could do something else for maintenance for clients.  A group coaching membership type of thing that we all hop on a call and I can answer questions for them and maybe a message board / Facebook group or whatever.  Again, for maintenance.

But when you are ready for that boost – to go to that next level, then you do another program.

Ah-ha.  Okay, that’s a new thought / realization from today.  Good one!

I’ve heard of this women / a healer, who takes whatever disease the client is dealing with into her body and then heals herself and then heals them in the process.  I wonder what she charges with this.  And I wonder if she offers a guarantee.  I am looking for other people like this.  I am trying to track down this lady’s information so I can look at her website.

The issue I have with most coaches who do this “make 6 figures in 6 months” is that I think they are totally full of shit.

This is what I am trying to figure out.  That’s them promising a result… although when you talk to them they say they don’t promise it.

So basically they are blowing smoke up your ass.

I am getting away from this environment.  I’ve always hated it.  Always thought they were all full of shit.

These days I am looking at my business like a matchmaker works.

$10,000/year or more for 10 matches.

Now “matches” are tangible.  But what I like about this is that once the client gets into a relationship, they are finished with your services.

It’s not like they say, hey, I still want my 5 more dates.

I am curious about how this works.  I’ve been curious about this in the past.  I am going to follow my intuition and follow through with it now.

Only thing is I have to figure out how I am going to move forward with this.  I want to see how they interview, what they are charging, what they are offering, their contract, and what they are promising.

Say someone comes to me for finding their True Self.  This is not tangible per say like 10 matches.

I have to write out what my students have gotten and do it as a checklist or something.

To make it tangible.

Also, there are different levels of finding your True Self so I have to figure out how to quantify each level too.

If I say this program goes for 3 months.  I will connect you with your True Self or take you to a deeper level of knowing yourself.  This includes up to 12 sessions.  But if at session 9 they are at a milestone in their life, experiencing their True Self and feeling great, then my job is done.

Currently I could see my clients saying — I still want my 3 sessions.

Again, you wouldn’t do that with a matchmaker.  You’re in a relationship there.  Same deal here, you’re with your True Self.  So this is what I’m playing around with in my mind.

How great is that?

Say you go to someone and you say, please cure me of x.  They say, okay that’s 7500 and I’ll cure you in 6 months or sooner.  How thrilled would you be to pay that 7500 if they cured you in 3,4,5 months – whatever.  Heck!  The sooner, the better.

Same deal with making $100,000!  Say they charge $10,000 (which many do and more) and then once you make that money, you are finished with services.

Same deal with losing 50 pounds.  Say that’s 5,000.  How happily would you pay that if they could help you lose that in 1 year or less?  Again, the faster the better.

My work is the same way.

I wonder who does work like this.

And of course there’s the flip side.  Say you get a student that you can’t do that for — after all its in their hands, g-ds hands, etc.

But again, I’ve noticed that people come to me when they are ready and willing to change.  If they do the exercises, they get there.  Done.  I think this is fantastic news, although when I post this on the business forum I’m in, they tell me “you can’t do that”

Hell no.  Don’t you ever tell me I can’t do something.  I hate that downer mindset.

PS:  I also want to say that people pay 10,000 and more to matchmakers and they don’t learn shit. I teach them the tools for $2,000 or 8,000 — that’s so much of a better investment.

There’s some sort of missing link so far on me conveying this message.  I think it’s just been MY CONVICTION when I speak.  Now I have this confidence.  This is my 100% KNOWING.