March 28, 2014

Quite an interesting place Spirit brought me to now.  It seems that not only are people making videos online that the Illuminati are Satanists, which I have started to question if that is even true.  (See videos below) — on top of that apparently these same people seem to think Aliens are Demons / The Devil.

So much old programming — and it all seems to stem back to Christian programming.

Interesting how all these people are obsessing over mind control and celebrities and what the Illuminati is doing when they are under programming influences as well — and not even realizing it. (again, see second video for this one)

Then on top of all of that…. I was in a spiritual chat room listening to a radio show and the lady was going off about being from the bible belt and how everyone is psychic and how there’s nothing wrong with that — she’s talking about programming — and about religion… so I was like, Okay, here’s an opportunity to hear a spiritual person explain to me dark energy and Satan/The Devil — same old story, I don’t need someone else explaining it, I have my own answers, but this is my pattern — I asked her.. and then she goes off on how she doesn’t talk about dark energy, she doesn’t talk about Satan and so on.

Well, looks like she’s still carrying that fear.

Wow.  How deep does this go?  Spiritual people and mainstream Christians all freaked out over aliens being demons/fallen angels.

Isn’t it weird — and interesting.

I’ve never heard any of this stuff growing up.

And again, isn’t it just perfect that I’m the one talking about this stuff — someone with no preconceived notions, none of the programming, etc.

So this was the initiation for me.  This new energy came in.  I kept on thinking it was going to be a job offer (as in the new energy — which I still have my intention set on that) but here it is something that I never thought of, never asked for, never really wanted… but I’m open to it.  A bit cautious, not sure what to expect, a bit of fear.

But this goes back to my tests in trusting Spirit and knowing that my angels and guides are always protecting me, always supporting me, and always guiding me.  So I need to trust that.  This is what was leading up to all of this, so let myself go where I am to go and trust myself enough to know when I think energy is wrong or bad — and also again to trust that I’m vibrating at such a level that I’m stronger than whatever darkness surrounds this subject.

Video 1

Video 2

Fantastic sign I received as I was pulling the YouTube html code — it was a video titled:

Fear not for what G-d is revealing to you at this time.

Thank you 🙂