February 26, 2014

I passed my totem the woodpecker and that dead snake again.  I don’t always go deep into the meaning of why I pass the totems each time, but I always do notice.  I just assume my body/soul needs a boost of their animal medicine to help me on that day or in that time in my life.

This morning I decided to get myself breakfast and bring it to the beach to relax, ground and just be.  All day I just relaxed. I’ve been tired.   Real tired.

When I was at the beach I was talking to Spirit.  My guides.

I was talking to them how I keep feeling that all this stuff — my new life is going to happen fast and all at once.

It wasn’t really a complaint, but I was asking why is all of this stuff going to happen at once?  I used to think (or want or rather expect) it to happen gradually.

They said, all this time I’ve been doing the YouTube videos has been my gearing up. My experience.

That I don’t need it to happen gradually.  That I’m ready and that all of this is old hat to me.

We spoke again about how I’ve been doing this teaching, healing, leading, great work for many many lifetimes and how it’s “old hat” to me.

No big deal.

So it doesn’t matter if it happens gradually or all at once – it’s happening and that’s that.

I’m ready. And just remember that, it’s no big deal and I’ll adjust quickly.

I see as I pack up and mentally, emotionally, spiritually adjust to this change and the move that the old parts of me die off.  They have to when you throw things out, donate them, clear your space of them. You are saying goodbye.

And all that takes energy.  Energy releasement.  And that’s all okay.

Doing the packing up, releasing, donating, selling is all part of the adjustment period to my new life too and that I need to recognize that.

That although I am here, each time I sell something, donating, release, or throw out that it’s a visioning of where I am going.

The old is dying off.

I’m continuing to rest, relax and be in quiet tonight.  I’m going to spend some time out in nature tonight.  My legs are tired from all the up and down the tons of staircases I have outside my apartment.  All the moving and shaking I was doing yesterday.  And then of course tired from all the energy — anxiety release I did last night.

It’s all good.  I’m happy, peaceful and content.

Going to go to sleep early.  Looking forward to it.

Speak to you later

— B.