April 6, 2013

So my gas light went on and I need to find a station ASAP.  Rather than play with my GPS, I put it down and said, angels, guides, you lead me.  Show me where to go.

This was a fun game for me.  Although I knew I could only take it so far, since the idea of getting stranded in Hollywood, FL where I don’t know where I am worried me as well.  I saw a guy earlier who was walking with a gas container to a stranded car.  LOL

So they told me straight.  Then left.  Then I’d see it.  And I laughed, there it was!

Wow, that was incredible.

I pulled up and went to fill up.  But when I went to do this — ohh no, where’s my money?

I checked the pocketbook pocket where I normally put it but it wasn’t there.


Now what am I going to do?  I have no gas.  No money.  I’m in Hollywood which is I think 40 minutes or more from my home.  I’m going to have to start begging people.  Having them pity me at the gas station.

Ohh shit.  I hated the thought of it.

Okay Blaire.  Get it together.  What can you do?

Of course, again, my mom was out of the picture.  Normally I’d call her and ask her what to do.  Or at least have her share in my misery.  She’d tell me I was stupid or how could I forget it or something.  And then I would end up figuring out what to do in the end anyway.  I think.  Well, at least most likely.

Anyway, I prayed HARD.  What can I do?

Okay, maybe I can go into the gas station and tell the guy if he has access to paypal I can send him money that way?

A bit crazy, but I had nothing else on me.

Where was my money clip anyway?  I remember putting it in the pocket?

Okay – – breathe.  Relax.  What should I do.  Angels/ guides, please help me.


What other pocket?

I flip the pocketbook around — and bam!  There it is.

Ohh, this pocketbook has two pockets?

So crazy.  I laugh.  Oh, thank you so much.  Thank you!

One of my fears almost came true.  The worries I have with having no one around to support, being all on my own.  Come on Blaire, you can do this.

I filled up the gas and headed back on A1A / Ocean.

I ended up in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to find a realtor.

I put it in my GPS and after OVER 30 minutes of LITERALLY going around in circles, trying for one realtor after the next (I tried 4 diff realtors), not seeing their stores, asking people for directions / help, and them being out of business, I’m confused, a bit frustrated.

So Spirit, you wanted me to come here to just drive around in circles?

These places will be closed soon, it’s almost 5PM, I want to see some units while I’m down here!

I continue driving – please bring me to a realtor.  I look again in my GPS and again, it’s so outdated that this information is wrong.  I guess…

I pick a place that says INTERNATIONAL REALTY.

That sounds super fancy, but what the heck, I would think they’re in business – and I’ve been wanting to live luxuriously – so let’s go.

I drive and drive more… and it ends up taking me to a really fancy highrise building.

What am I doing here?

This is just one place.  It’s not a realty.  Of course that information is wrong again.

I laugh.  Okay, angels, I guess you want me to see this place.

I’m sure this place is SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE

But again, I’m reminded, I am coming for the adventure.  Up leveling myself.  I just go…

(next post)