May 28, 2013

Wow, what an incredible realization when I was just eating.

There really is no coincidence.

Let me tell you –

When I was sitting eating it dawned on me

When my site went up I was completing a 1 year and going into a 2 year.

Just like I am now.

Oh, actually, I just did the numbers again and I was in a 2 year, going into a 3 year.

Okay – maybe it’s not so cool now…

Hmm, no, it’s still cool.

I know this is one of the reasons I’ve been playing with numbers lately.  Wondering about them.

Doing crazy calculations 🙂

Lately it has been dawning on me that my birthday is coming near.  That my 1 year is coming to a close and I’m heading into a 2 year.

Well, look at this — something really big happened to me when my year change happened back when I was turning 27.

Now I will be turning 36.  Which I can’t believe how old that sounds… but I don’t feel old (well not most of the time) because I feel I’m just starting my life again.

Reborn.  Everything feels/ looks / seems new to me.  And especially what a gift to be more fully shining my light and in my power and divine mission.

Okay — so that was when I was heading out of a 2 year into a 3.

And now I’m about to fly high doing my divine mission moving out of a 1 year into a 2 year.

That’ll probably make more sense to you if / when you study numbers 🙂