May 21, 2013

So numbers have been talking to me these days, big time this last week — although I’m not exactly sure what they are saying.

Just this morning I had


then 1,188 on YouTube video I was going to watch

Then 8:44AM

Then 11:11AM

Then 11:33AM

It happens so frequently.  Numbers following me.  Numbers talking to me.  It’s like gang busters!


and no, I’m not staring at the clock 🙂

It’s been happening throughout the day.

I’ve started making a list of meanings, but the numbers mean so many different things.

I know they are talking to me.

A lot of 11’s.  I need to continue to watch my thoughts.

Today was not a good day with that.  I had a really tough time, plus I’ve been upset — well I guess that’s it.  Maybe upset about my negative thoughts from the Expo.  I need to let that go, live in the present and focus on my thoughts here.

It gets confusing as to what my problem is this last week.

The more I think about it the more confused I get.

I think at the root of it is frustration, upset, over wanting to make more money, wanting to blast off my business and then trying so hard to monitor my thoughts and then it’s like I wake up one day, feel bad about myself — really just tired and in a bad mood, and then I go to take inventory.  Bad move.

I need to see people in a better light.  Not exactly sure how to do this since many of them tend to really frustrate and piss me off.