May 18, 2013

Wednesday I posted this on Facebook – Been having a really cool week! (for many reasons) — Here’s something cool that just happened to me — Yesterday I went to the supermarket for a few items and the bill rang up to $11.88 – awesome. Those who are into numerology will get that and appreciate that. I thought that was pretty cool — but then today, went to Whole Foods to pick up a few items as well and guess what? The amount totaled up to $11.88 again! How cool is that! And on top of that, when I got in my car from the beach it was 11:44AM. Haha! Awesome, I love it!

Sunday / Today I posted this — for 5 months Spirit has been repeating numbers for me 333 and 3333 things like that — I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing those signs and knowing the meanings. Well it seems recently Spirit has taken things up a notch or rather into a deeper level and I can’t seem to figure it out / what it means (I thought I did, but still kind of unsure) — so open to your thoughts. The new pattern of numbers they have been showing me, in addition to the same number repeating 3 or 4 times is double digit numbers next to one another. Like this –> This morning it was 11:11 (that’s normal to me by now) — then while I was driving I saw 7788 then it was 11:33 on the clock, then 66.77 on my receipt then 7799 when driving again. This all happened within a total of 15 minutes. So it seems like now that they know I’m “on to them”  they have been increasing the communication. Again, I have my theories but open to your thoughts. What does it mean?