March 21, 2013

Since I had a session with my healer, I have been on turbo speed with writing my book.

I know it’s time to sell it.  I have over 115 pages written and it’s good to go.

So how come when I am ready to move forward, I notice I am hesitant?

Well there are thoughts of:

I want to make sure this is the right time… I don’t want to go through the effort of querying all these agents and maybe it’s not time…

Oh no, maybe I’m not sure how to market my book, what’s the BEST way to sell it to them?  The need for perfection

Fear of doing it wrong

Fear of people not purchasing my book

Fear that I have no followers and no platform


I am going to do some healing on myself tonight work through these fears so I can move forward.  I really want to.  I know I need to do some energy and healing work.

With that said, I continue to write.  I still have been having the best writing days of my life and the book is coming to the halfway mark, so this is good too.

I did some research (again) at the bookstore and got some more ideas.  Again, this is good.

Within a matter of 10 minutes, no exaggeration at all, I saw

666 – thoughts are too out of balance, too much focused on material world.  focus on service, know my material needs will be met

888 – a phase in my life is about to end.  the crops are ripe, don’t delay.  make my move now


444 – angels surrounding me


Totally signs.

Then as I signed on here to write about it, 555 on my computer screen.

(buckle my seatbelts, major change life change around me.  an answer to my prayers)

While I was driving to the bookstore I saw 999, a regular in my life now

And I have been remarking at how many totem animals are around me.. the last few days there have been

DUCKS – emotional comfort and protection; therapists usually have duck totem;  maneuver through life with grace and ease; connection with water and feminine energy

NONSTOP DRAGON FLIES – winds of change; transformation ; change of habits

HAWKS – higher level of consciousness; awakens vision and a creative life purpose

ANTS – promise of success through effort; patience; greatest success comes through persistence

And something else I’m not remembering right now.

I’ve been like, this is crazy, everyone is coming out to support me.  Thank you!

Ohh!!  OWL was spelled out on a license plate as well, on my way to the bookstore.

(magic, wisdom, the voice inside of me; trust my instincts)


I know there was one more.

Oh!  BEES – no matter how great the dream, promise of fulfillment

So thank you for the building pressure inside of me to clear and heal this stuff, in order to move forward.  I know this is the time.  I am ready for this.  I allow myself to be successful.  Thank you to the animal kingdom and my Spirit friends for all coming out to support me.  I love you very much!

Ohh!!  Lots of different, tropical birds.  Bright yellow ones and bright red ones.  I take this as a sign that my angels are all around me.

Very magical days.  Although I feel frustration at times these days for wanting it to happen and anxiety about how to make it happen, move forward…. i know it’s happening and it makes me feel loved to know I have Spirit support all around me.  It’s like everyone has come out for this grande event!