March 23, 2013

I had a headache for most of the day — and slept most of the day as well.

I’ll have days like this.  Ascension days.  Expansion of energy days.  Growth days.  Resting days.  Resistance days.

Let’s talk about that last one — resistance days.

Now I thought today was just cause I was tired from waking up real early to write like I have been the last 2 weeks — and I’m still sure it has some to do with that…

Then I also thought it was cause it was so freakin hot out.

The sun was giving me a headache.

But as I took a walk later in the day it dawned on me that not only was I tired but I was dealing with resistance.  I’ve come to terms with writing about my ex.  That put resistance in my way over the last weeks/months as well — uncomfortable about what I was writing, afraid of hurting his feeling or telling something private.  I wanted to be in integrity… it’s my story too.

But what dawned on me as I was walking was that it was time for me to add parts about my parents — my family into my book.

After all that’s what the book is about.

Healing relationship patterns — healing family patterns.

And that’s what the story about my ex and I is about.. how all those things came to light through my dissatisfaction and trouble with him.

So as I was walking all these parts that I needed to add to the book came up.  And I breathed a sigh of relief.  My headache was gone and I had to .. I still have to, come to terms what I will be writing.

Very interesting how this process is evolving.  Very interesting.  Step by step Spirit reveals to me what to write.  Very interesting indeed.