January 5, 2013

So I’ve re-worked how I’m working.  More in receiving mode and more in playing and flow mode.

This has been feeling more comfortable and I took an assessment from last week and I attracted two paying speaking gigs, so this is good and this is working.

I have just some clutter left in my home which I am taking care of tonight.

I have limited my time on Facebook and my overall time on the computer.

I don’t have distractions from TV, although I still do sit around and watch senseless movies on Hulu in the evening, some evenings.

I’m clearing through my book collection, re-reading passages that I still feel attached to and donating the rest.

I have cleared away the clutter off most of my counters and have gone through my closets and drawers.

Things are clean in my life.

I am going out more.  I have energy and motivation for this and I have a feeling that my personal and career life is going to be busier.  I intuitively get this and I know that this is why I have been doing so much clearing over the last year.

So I found myself walking around today, back from the mall where I had to pick up something, and I found myself wondering… “What am I to do now?  I have free time”

And Spirit was like, “just be”

Imagine if you didn’t have set hours at work and you lived a life where you just “BE”‘ed.

You made money and were living a life where you thrived.

No struggle, a life in the flow, a life of receiving.

That’s what I’m carving out for myself.  That’s where I am at.

Sure I know projects will come up and that will be designated times, that’s fine and that’s fun.

Sure there are set times for me to speak and for me to meet with private students, that’s fun as well and that’s all full of passion and joy.

Money flows and I’m taken care of.

Abundance all around.  A life of luxury.

I’m not 100% there, but I’m satisfied.  Content.  Happy.

Can you say that about your life?
Is that a dream you hold?

So it was interesting.  Having “nothing” to do and having to go into your mind to think of “what would be fun to do right now?”  The freedom to let your mind wander to something that would bring you joy.

That’s where I’m at.

It feels pretty damn good.