June 14, 2013

So yesterday at the turtle walk, when that lady started walking with me afterwards while we were going to our cars… she was talking about her experience watching the turtle… and asking me where I was from and talking about how she’s from Canada but here part time (who knows what she was saying…)

And then today at the dog rescue there was a lady who was possibly interested in rescuing a dog but she was blabbering on about her kids and her dog who just passed and how she used to walk the dogs here and who knows what her deal was…

Well I noticed with both these women who I didn’t care to make small talk with.

Both women who I wasn’t in the mood for…  (for different reasons)

Well, I noticed that my new thing is to just NOT respond.


How awesome is that

I think it’s hilarious.

I just sit there… or keep walking with them, in silence.

I just say nothing.

This is hilarious.  SO FUNNY to me.

Because in the past I used to feel obligated, chained, to reply and respond, and continue the conversation and “pretend” to be interested when truly I wasn’t.

Well, now I’m just totally silent.

Something that I would have felt totally awkward doing in the past — now I am just doing automatically.  I don’t even think about it, I just don’t react at all.  I just keep walking.  Yea… I think it’s called ignoring.


I can’t believe I do it.  And if I get too much into my head space I would call myself rude.

But I’m not going there.

I want to stay in the laughter of it.

And the honoring of myself.

I don’t care to contribute to what they’re saying.  Whatever stupidness they’re talking about.

So I just don’t even expend any energy on it.  Silence… and keep walking.  It’s great!!!

Go me! 🙂