March 23, 2014

I notice that this is a theme for me these days.

First, about the staying focused — keep going — sticking to my guns as to what I want for my career.

And also having to do with these last items I am selling.

To stick to what I posted their price to be.  I noticed that I have been posting items for sale since DECEMBER!


What the fuck!

It has been such a long time.  Such a long journey and one that has been testing my nerves.  Frustrating.  Saddening, maddening and so on.

And I realized yesterday how it’s related to my career — and the lesson I’m learning now.

To be determined. To be focused, to not back down.

Yes, it’s tiring.  Yes, it’s annoying. Yes, I feel I’m wasting a lot of time at times — answering emails, speaking to people on the phone, or the texts back and forth.  It gets me really, really annoyed.

But Spirit keeps telling me.  Keep the price what it is.  It’s a fair price.

Don’t back down.  Don’t settle. Don’t compromise.

So this I guess is the lesson.  That I desire something — and I deserve to get it… and that I (eventually) will get it.

This morning I woke up to two emails — someone wants the vacuum — and someone wants my the mermaid.

I replied to both emails.

And now – just like every other day – I await their call and pray this works out.

Again, so many negative emotions around this.  I think I need to pray about lifting the load.  Letting it be easy, flowing, effortless.

Please show me how, I beg you.

PS: When I signed off from here I remembered there was another example of this happening in my life as well and that has to do with my introductory consultation.  I changed things to be a 30 minute consult and energetic assessment that I charge for.  I’m not charging a lot.  The old way of doing things, again, another thing I was testing out which had to do with complimentary consultation was not working.  I was doing it for free and people were not showing up to the calls or just wanting free advice.

So since I did the interview with Lilou I have been receiving requests from people who want to do the Introductory Consultation — but here’s the deal, they have been submitting times to do the session, but not making payment.  So yet another deal, where I stick to my guns, not compromising, valuing myself — this is how much it costs to do an Initial Consult with me… and you need to submit payment.  The end.

So you see, in three areas it’s about not compromising and sticking to what I desire.

It’s been a bit frustrating because things haven’t been manifesting so quickly with my desires — but Spirit assures me that I am learning how to focus my energy stronger — to get what I want.  Cool.