January 15, 2013

No wonder why I wasn’t connecting with most spiritual people – like I “should have” been since I am a spiritual teacher… and that was because I wasn’t being myself with them.

I wasn’t speaking up.  I wasn’t sharing my ROAR.  My passion.  My fire.

I wasn’t being my opinionated self.

I had squashed all of that.  I traded it for what I thought “being spiritual” was and that was being quiet, being “nice” and being polite.  Not telling anyone to shut up or fuck off or to put them in their place.  I was accepting of everything.


So no wonder “they” weren’t maybe liking me (who even knows, but I didn’t like the weird vibes I was getting from them… but hey, this was probably just THEM trying to keep down their own emotional outbursts) 🙂 – and no wonder I wasn’t liking them.

When two fake faces meet one another, no one really likes the other.

And that’s the way it was.

And that was what I was picking up and recently writing up about mainstream people – how I like them better and feel more comfortable with them, cause you know where you stand.

Well, hello!! They haven’t been fed that spiritual garbage!

So no wonder I was getting the results I was.  And no wonder I was attracting the “wrong” students or not even students or whatever… I wasn’t being ME.  I wasn’t being authentic.   I was being fake and tuning it down.

I have always been passionate.  I have always been very opinionated.  I have always been offending to some.  I have always stood out.  I have always been powerful.

But I muted this all to FIT IN.  To be liked by “spiritual” people and mainstream alike.  I did this so many times that there again I was doing it… again.

But now the mask has come off of me.  You see how this was done in stages?  My “I’m Not Being Nice” Video… to now, the second level of it?

Now I am SHINING.  Now my soul is EXPANDING.  Now I am FLYING (I feel there is more to come) 🙂  And now I am feeling so damn good!

And you notice how this criticism doesn’t bother me anymore?  It’s like I’ve been there and done that and I’ve grown past that, wow, what an incredible journey!

This is so fantastic!

A bunch of fake faces.