April 4, 2013

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the longest.

One of the reasons why I’ve struggled with my business and finding where I belong (among the many other reasons — damnit!  I had a good talk with Spirit about this this morning) is that I see so many people on social media (yes, that’s the damn social media again) and internet marketing — same shit — who have no personality.

Or rather, I think it’s just best to say, their personality is not like mine.

I’m a loud person.  Although I don’t even think I’m loud.  I guess just compared to people with no personality I am loud.  Haha.  But this has been something I’ve been told many times.  It’s so stupid.  Yea, I’m not even loud.

I’m a passionate person.

I get excited.

Yea, so what, I’m like an Italian from up north.  I’m also like a Jew from up north (tri-state),

So what.

But some how and for some reason, over the years I’ve watched (bad move) these internet marketing people and the way people act on social media, all professional, all not wanting to state real opinions, not wanting to offend anyone, being polite, ignoring people.  I see how people act on radio shows.  I see how they do their videos.  And it’s all very stoic.

And I never get it.  It frustrates me.  Sometimes.  For awhile I was mimicking it.  Trying to fit in.  Quieting down.  “Hiding” my personality, I guess.

But fuck that.  FUCK THAT!!!

These people have no personality.

I always thought they were secretly hiding who they really were.

Secretly they were loud and opinionated and really cool.

But they’re not.

They just have no personality.  (that’s a term I got from my mom years ago)


And I can’t be near them

I can’t watch them


I should just turn off every video I see of them and their trying to be perfection.

AHHH, I fucking hate it all.

Because again, in my field.  Which I’m now saying is ENTERTAINMENT.

(this is the next post)

In entertainment you need a personality — and a big fat, passionate, loud mouth.  That’s me!!!!  (And PROUD OF IT!)