March 18, 2013

What a great energy week – and it’s only Monday!  Funny.  But I’ve been feeling fantastic since I started waking up early to write at 5 – 6 -7 am at a local bagel/coffee shop.  Fantastic.  I have been getting so much writing done each day — it flows and flows!! And wow, I thought it was flowing before.  Now it’s really jammin’  I’m already around 80+ pages… maybe 90+ actually into my book. Not sure how long that has been of me working on it (would have to check) but now I see the end very near!!

So today officially marks no one being in my way — and no one holding me back — delaying my career plans ANYMORE.

This is fantastic.  I see how from this fear and past life stuff and soul wounding that I have been trying to be nice to people / appease / not stir the waters, although I always felt I was triggering someone — and totally, holding myself back from moving forward for fear of offending someone or hurting someone.  MAN THAT HAS BEEN HOLDING ME BACK

Well, I’m free of that now!


This is fantastic.  I FEEL ABSOLUTELY FREE.  My Great, Wonderful, Luxurious Life!