January 14, 2013

I got off the computer and then was urged to come back.  Yes, someone commented strongly on my post… and yes, I’m going to share it!

Share it on Facebook to prove my point even more.

Plus on top of that, I’m going to reply to her.

Teach more, (maybe “fight” more)?  debate?

I don’t know… and maybe this topic is a post for another day but the thing here is CREATING A BUZZ.

Yes, I posted something on Facebook.  Yes it got a reaction.  No, it wasn’t in favor of what I posted.  Yes, she thought I was crazy.. or some form of it.



I’m a success!  Passionate!  Alive!

I know that when people come towards me with a debate about things that I KNOW, I win.

And winning is not a “hurting” type of thing.. it’s a bringing awareness to other people.  Waking them up.

Now, what I was going to say was maybe another post for another day… was this thing about, is it my job to wake people up?  Why do I have to debate people?  And okay… maybe I’ll write about this another day…

But for now, for today, I want to celebrate that I HAVE NO FEAR!

NO CRINGE OF TERROR that happens with criticism.


A feeling of expansion, of joy!

I am doing it “right” – this is right!  I am proud of it.

I posted the comment to all of my Facebook pages.  I am proud of what I teach and I stand by it.

I wrote this….

A VIEWERS FEEDBACK: A women wrote this about my most recent video. What do you think? Are you aware of how your subconscious mind functions? I know how it does and in this video I share a brief overview of it….. I call BULL!! I know what’s real and what’s not real and watching that episode did not bring me any closer to wanting to beat someone up. It seems you have an issue with the violence but not with the infidelity and promiscuous sex, hmmm. Everyone’s a critic and you’re entitled to your opinion just as I am. But I disagree with this. If you’re not equipped to extinguish truth from fiction then perhaps you shouldn’t be watching shows like this. -Just my 2 cents

Creating a buzz.  I am buzz worthy.  I have ALWAYS been buzz worthy, I just forgot who I was.  I forgot my power.  I forgot who I am!  I am g-d!  I am the almighty! I am powerful.  I am a WARRIOR!