June 15, 2013

So something stuck out to me yesterday when I was walking the dogs.

You see, when you go to take a dog for a walk, on their cage there’s just their name, if they’re male or female, their birthdate, if they’re good with kids or other animals/cats, etc.

Very minimal stuff.

It doesn’t say how long they’ve been there.

It doesn’t say why they’re there.

They basically have no history.

Now of course you can go ask someone who works there what’s the story, but everyone’s busy and again it was my first day.

This made me wonder a bit, because there was one dog who was very boisterous plus his nose had a big gash on it.  I assumed he was abused, in a dog fight or something, but I really don’t know.

Then I went to show someone a dog.  And she was asking non-stop questions about the dog’s origin.  She wanted to know, she needed to know.

But I kept on repeating — I don’t know.

Or like I shared with you earlier, when she kept repeating the same stupid question, I just wouldn’t respond.


So this got me thinking.

No history.

That’s basically what I’m clearing out now.  That’s what I’ve been clearing out for some time with all this forgiveness Spirit has been helping me with.

To clear this history.

Which to me means that you basically don’t think about or talk about the stuff anymore.

I’m in a rebirth stage, releasing all that old stuff that happened.

And although I don’t have words to explain all I’m mulling over about this, I’ll just say how I find it interesting.

I also find it interesting on how the human mind – like that lady who was checking out the dog – wanted to know so bad what the dog’s history was.

But really all she needs to know and accept is that the dog is healthy, in good shape, and she’s loving and needs a home.

Basically accepting her as she is.

As she presents herself now.

So that’s the story.  The dog’s at the rescue, just like me are releasing the old.  Releasing their history.  Releasing their old stories.

They’re able to do that job much easier, since dogs are so in the present….

No more thinking about the past, no more talking about it, no more of that story.

No history.