June 29, 2013

Through my Facebook escapades I noticed someone I used to know starting to teach spiritual classes.  They were talking about how they want to teach all across the country at different expos, etc.

And I couldn’t help but think, I’m soooo not interested in that.

That was an interesting thought, since before that’s all I wanted to do.

Now I don’t give a shit.

I just feel like being on TV.

Sharing commentary.  Being a host.  Making TV.

That’s what’s on my mind.


Curious as to where I am being taken.

Again, lately, the thought has been (since my new realization again that I love court / law / trials / cases) that I have so many interests and gifts — this is something to be grateful for, so much to share, but again the confusion over what am I supposed to be doing?

What direction am I going?


Those thoughts again.