May 21, 2013

The other thing that bothers me a lot is the niche talk.  Who’s my niche.  Who’s my target market?

I seemed to be getting more traction, I think… although not definite when I was marketing to those who have never been married.  Those looking to attract the One.

But then I got into healing.

And working with guys again.

And those who are divorced.  Healing their hearts after breakups, etc.

And then started helping people find their true self — which I always was, but never really talked about.

And I seem to have real issues with who is my target market.

The other limiting belief is I tend to think everyone is poor.  And of course I get that mirrored back to me when people say they want to work with me but have no money.

I thought it was more fun marketing when I was shouting out to SINGLES, NEVER BEEN MARRIED.

But then the thought is that they don’t have money to afford my prices – people in their 20s and 30s – usually don’t.

Usually women have lower incomes.

But again this is all limiting beliefs again.

And then my thought is that I help people with low self esteem — and again, the thought — limiting belief is that people with low self esteem don’t make a lot of money.

So with all these thoughts… although I don’t know how else to think and this is causing me issues that I keep thinking about…. this just gets me going around in circles and gets me no where.

You need to market to people who want what you have — and have the money to pay for it.

So with that said, I have no idea who my niche / target market is?

And also the thought with that is, this shouldn’t be so complicated… but yet by doing nothing about this is NOT helping my business.

I offer so many services.  I have so many gifts to help people with.  Yet, the marketing to everyone or everything or many things is not getting me anywhere.  But to narrow it down I don’t know how to fix this and who to pick.  Problems.  This needs to be resolved for me to move forward.  I think….