May 12, 2013

For two days this new song I wrote / am writing keeps popping in and out of my head as I’m guided to sing it.

Some of the lyrics are this…. “I’m open to new opportunities, new possibilities, new ways of making money”

I love it.  It has such a nice catchy flow to it.

And that’s totally true of my life right now.  Open to all of it.  Asking Spirit to show me what’s next.  In excited anticipation.

And this also means that why the heck am I asking for new students?  If I’m open to new opportunities… new possibilities… new ways of making money… well that wouldn’t be the “old” way of making money through students or beach gatherings.

Again, the idea is to be open.

Be open to be shown.

And yes, all roads lead to Television!  And moving to LA