June 3, 2013

I also want to add that I have a new morning routine that I really love.

It’s something I tried to do in the past many times, but never got into it or enjoyed it as much as I did this morning.

Prayers, blessings, and gratitude.

It was fantastic.  All three of them.

I was praying over myself, my home, my business, my career…

Sent blessings to all of them.

Really filled the room with such gratitude for all I have.

I feel fantastic.

And that’s what I was thinking as I was walking to the supermarket and met that guy with the monster truck.

I was thinking how much I love my life.  How much my life has gotten better — much better — over these last few weeks.

How I’m having more fun and ENJOYING myself much more.

It’s fantastic.

I notice how I’m smiling much more.  Smiling for “no” reason.

But really there is a reason, my life is so fantastic and keeps getting better.

It’s incredible living it… rather than always dreaming for it to happen or wishing it.

And mind you, this is all when I still haven’t manifested more students or more money through my business.

And that’s the other thing I noticed.  Spirit did bring me the money.  But not in the way I’ve had my heart set on.

I was set on it bringing me the money through my business.

Through students.


But it brought it through my IRA account.  I’ve been meaning to cash it out for awhile.  No reason to have an IRA account when I’m going to be a multi-millionnaire.  It’s doing nothing sitting in that account.  It’s the same amount that it was many years ago – -when I put it in there.

Complete waste.

So if I need it now, while my career is transitioning into something much bigger, then there it is.

Spirit provided.

And yes, I’m still going through my own adjustments with the money stuff — and still asking for more and praying about it.

But again, Spirit knows best.  My intention is in the right place.  I am at such a peaceful and trusting place about money these days — BIG DIFFERENCE than the panic and discomfort I was feeling just a few weeks ago.

That’s something to be really proud of.

It is something I’m really proud of.

Go me!

And there’s a huge trust — a knowing that it’s coming.  That I’m taken care of.  That all is good.

I interviewed for a writing job today — hopefully I’ll get that and that will be a good supplement to my income now… although they only do payouts once a month — with a month lag, so won’t get pay from them til August.

But keep moving forward and staying focused.

It’s a good step and the interview went well, I think.

It’s something good for now.  In the meantime.  Plus I think it’ll be easy for me to do.  I’m a writer after all.  You know that saying I’ve been saying…. getting paid doing my natural talents and gifts… well there you go.

And in the meantime, I’m still moving forward with this tv pitch.  My feeling is it’ll be done this week if not sooner.  It’s just a matter of me spending time thinking about the concepts.  Again, such a strange sensation of not wanting too… feeling like it’s heavy or much to do… but then being fun and really easy / no big deal … fun, creative stuff to be in that zone brainstorming.


But anyway — wanted to share that with you….

Still praying for more money.  Still using my other skills to manifest it too.  Seeing myself showered in money, etc.

Maybe this just isn’t the time for me to be selling programs or working with students?

Again, things are changing, I’m respectful of where Spirit is leading me.

So far it’s been MUCH MORE FUN!

It’s been making my life more amazing.

Money will complement it.  Can’t be hung up on that.  It’s coming, it’s here.

All is well.

PS:  I don’t think I have mentioned this but for the past week, maybe more, there have been little frogs everywhere I go.  Just hopping along.  This is usually in the morning or evening, but they show up all the time.  It’s fantastic.  I’ve never seen so many little ones.  It’s exciting.  Frogs = leaping forward!  That’s me in my career 🙂