January 17, 2013

Yesterday was a creative day, as well as a bit antsy – kind of impatient, but not really kind of day.  One of those days where again I was wondering where my career is going.  What’s next for me, what g-d wants me to do, and just asking to be taken to wherever you “he” wants to take me.

Not caught up in the drama of not knowing, a numbness of sorts, but also a moving on and keeping myself occupied from incessant questioning.

Thank g-d I did that and thank g-d for the inspiration I received as I woke up this morning – around 2 hours earlier than I usually awake.

Go write your book.  Book #3.  The one about your marriage.

Oh really?  Are you sure this is intuition speaking?  Guides… is that you?

Blaire just do it.

Hmm… okay.

I had a dream of how to start it.  A bit of how to lay it out.

Okay.  I’m ready.  Smiling ear to ear, having a new focus, I got up – I was ready to go to work.

I wrote the first chapter and have ideas for the second.  I’m not sure how I’m going to layout the book and I have some questions about who am I writing the book for and what angle do I want to take with all of this… but I know this is the process.

Lately I have been wondering if my 1st book will be my 1st book published.  I feel pretty confident today that this will be the first one to print.

It is all about relationship healing.  Family healing.  Clearing yourself of karma.

This topic gets me jazzed.  It’s what I have been helping my students with and it’s what really drives me these days.

I went to the zoo today with my mom.  This is another post that I need to make as I have some thoughts related to that…

On my way to her house I was thinking that maybe this is what my new meetup topic should be about.  Healing karmic relationships.  Navigating difficult relationships.  This gets me more excited than doing mainstream meetup group with singles.  Although I’m not ruling it out, it feels like I’ve been there done that – in 2001 when I was working as a TV Matchmaker and doing singles events for my own company and Match.com

I feel excited about this new journey.  Excited, motivated.  I also have so many notes to refer back to and organize.  So many journals and so many unpublished blog posts.  All spanning 3 years.

I feel good about this.  Feel like it’s going to be put together quickly and sell even faster.

Yes, I know I’m getting ahead of myself.  Step by step, follow the signs.

Yesterday the moth by my home had to leave since they were doing powerwashing to the building. Just as he left, a new moth – a baby one – has appeared.  Interesting.

I haven’t re-looked it up, but this makes me think of intuition and following your intuition and your heart and not having mental confirmation or thoughts to back it up.  This makes me think of my new book.  Also the moth has to do with dreams.  I have powerful dreams, like the one that woke me up this morning that was like, write your 3rd book.  Now is the time.

Nice.  Thank you.  I love feeling inspired and I love the excitement of a new project.  I love feeling purposeful and on a mission…. but again that is “doing” and I do realize I still need to be open to my feminine side, receiving, allowing, relaxing, and trusting.

Lots of number communication today.

5s happened a couple of times – and 7’s happened A LOT!

222 — Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.

333 — The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin and Yogananda.

555 — Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.

666 — Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between Heaven and Earth. Like the famous, “Sermon on the Mount” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will be met as a result.

777 — The angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.” This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur.