March 11, 2014

So March 9, 2014 — I started speaking out with World News

March 10, 2014 – New gifts opened.


Yesterday I met with one of my students to do something new I’m offering — Intensives.

It’s a time where we spend 4 hours together via phone, Skype or in person to do teachings, guidance and healings.

And it was fantastic.

My favorite way (so far) of working with students.

I love the chunk of time to focus on things — and on a personal level, it’s very fulfilling and frees up the rest of my days.  I really like going deep with someone — they go off on their own with a slew of things to process and exercises to do — then come back to me for more teachings and healings.

It’s fantastic, really fantastic.

So yesterday was very incredible.

I saw a student TOTALLY transform before my eyes.


His speech patterns.

His confidence and how he held himself, his body language.

And his sex appeal — he became HOT.  (Before he was a cute guy — but he turned into a hot man).

I even said that to him — as well as Spirit said it to him — that he transformed into a MAN in front of us.

Now this was a change before my physical eyes.  Not a vision.  Not a wish or an illusion.  He totally and completely changed.

Now I’d love to share more about this, but I stated earlier (several posts before) and to myself, I made a declaration that I wasn’t going to talk about my students in a certain way anymore.

Not like any of it is bad — but I never like when certain online marketers and teachers and healers talk about me — so I don’t want to do that to my students.

My students tend to be more on the private, quiet, shy, introverted side — with extroverted parts, but there’s a theme of trust issues.

And they can trust me with their secrets.

Let them share.  And Spirit said they will share because they are grateful for the huge changes.

I am so happy I want to scream it from the rooftops — Spirit said, my students will scream for me.

Let them scream.  Let your mark be on the people.  The people will then spread the word by being who they are in the world.

No more fear about getting clients — or attracting them.

I am who I am.  I work for G-d so I don’t need to go around like these others I watch (and felt I needed to do the same) “selling out” all of their students.

it’s not necessary.

This is the thing about being in truth and integrity.

Let me be humble.  Let me do the work and Spirit will bring more and Spirit will promote.

Now about this new gift — well, he noticed it too.

Instead of sharing the guidance in the way I usually do — which is through Blaire.. a group of my guides “teamed up” as they said to me – to speak through me.

They kept talking about “Blaire” in third person.

It was hilarious — and amazing and I’m still in awe… and still processing all that happened.

I wanted to go to sleep yesterday — rather than ask Spirit a million questions — which actually I don’t even feel like doing that anymore, I just accept what is.  I accept my new gifts and I’m grateful for them.

I wrote this in my journal to Spirit.

Me:  Wow, what a day

They said:  Yes, that is what happens when you submit.

Me:  Very funny

Them:  We mean surrender but we said that cause you know what we are referring to (they were mocking me about what I wrote about that warrior I met the other day… I was talking about him and a past warrior submitting)

With your work you simple “BE” – we will do the rest.  Life really can be that simple.  Congrats.  You’ve arrived.


Wow, fantastic.

That was the lesson they have been teaching me / leading me up to this… all those lessons about BEE-ing lately. WOW.

I also will add that yesterday I did my first channeled initiation.

It wasn’t an initiation like I’ve seen any other do.

It was so cool.

My student was being initiated into his powers as a Merlin.

It was really freaking cool.  Really, really cool.

“From this old Merlin… to you young Merlin”

So fucking cool.

The old Merlin was me 🙂

It’s all sci-fi up in here.  So funny.  Fantastic.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

In deep awe and gratitude for this work — it keeps getting better!

PS:  I just finished writing this post and was waiting for a potential student to call — and in comes flying a BEE.  Made me smile.  Spirit teaching me the Art of BEE-ing and in flies a bee.  Good one. I got the lesson and the joke — now can you please guide the BEE out 🙂