October 31, 2012 So I’ve been noticing a new worrisome fear that has come up – as a result of this “new me.”  It’s kind of a funny, weird fear.. but yet it’s here.  It’s a private post so I am going to fill up this space right here that shows as a “preview” to non-members, so that I share this only with my people.  So that it only gets shared with you. For friends, this is a place for all of us to go through our journey, however publicly or privately as we want.  One of my students suggested that I add a forum or a place where each of you can blog your journey individually, to share how you change from reading this blog, and I think that’s a great idea and something I am going to look into and start adding today. So let’s get back to the topic here, as I know the “preview” section is now closed and only my people are reading this.  So what is that new fear that is coming up? It’s the fear that my spiritual teachers – big time ones – who I have learned from remotely over the years with don’t like me anymore.  Hahah.  I have to laugh, cause this is kind of a crazy thought, but I’ll tell you what’s been going on… and maybe, hopefully from my example you can see how some of your thoughts / fears / worries are a bit “crazy” as well.  This will help us all heal and release these irrational thoughts 🙂 So, over the last year or two, I’ve been on the radar of some very big spiritual teachers.  They have been liking my work and letting me know that they “approve” of it.    These are people who I have learned from remotely with for some time or people who are “big names” that I have admired for something or the other. Well, with this “new side of me” which is really the “real me” has come out in these videos and I have been very passionate, pretty verbal, and maybe controversial… well, I have noticed some fear.  Fear of not being liked by them anymore…. Fear of being judged my them… Fear of not “being good enough” to hang out with them and be a colleague of theirs. Now I know this may sound crazy… and it probably is, because again spiritual teachers are “not supposed to be judgmental” but like my first and second video shares, well, we are all on our own path and maybe, yes, probably many still are.  In the end we all have our human qualities. So this going into a new topic — the desire to be liked and approved of… and I think this is a good place to stop this blog post and I’ll turn the next topic into the next blog post… Talk to you in a few 🙂