May 4, 2013

The other thing Spirit was telling me to set firmer boundaries, related to this guidance I got in my dreams:

How about you just ignore and walk away – not deal with anymore – anyone who doesn’t act nice to you or makes you feel uncomfortable.  Just don’t even deal with them anymore.

(Which now that I am re-pasting this stuff, I know there was something else shared in a different way, with that last post I write – but I can’t find it while going through my journal…. in any event, I remember what the message was)

(Ohh… the other message had to do with this — “accepting people back into my life, overlooking when they treated me poorly”)

Anyway, so this message above has to do with guys around my neighborhood and around Florida that I don’t like…

There seems to be a lot of older and/or creepy guys here in Florida that don’t know how to act around girls.  Awkward guys, kind of sad / pathetic guys, older guys who think it’s okay to stare at and pick up girls who are MUCH younger than them.

Anyway, usually I give a fake smile at these guys even though they are making me feel REALLY REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Again, it’s that “pretending nothings wrong” and excusing their behavior.

Well, now Spirit is suggesting I don’t even spend energy to give a fake smile.  I am hating myself when I do that anyway… but it’s so awkward I don’t know what else to do.

In any event, screw it.  I’m just going to give an attitude, look down, look away — something else.

Not to spend energy on them.

Not pretending like what they are doing okay.

They are staring at me — looking at me in a way that is totally inappropriate and making me feel uncomfortable.  This is something I’ve been having issues with for the 3 years since I moved down here — I’m happy to just ignore them or give a face or I don’t know.  I guess I will just STOP doing the fake smile or head nod.

No, it’s not okay you look at me all creepy.  Yuck.