June 23, 2013

I would like to say that I have had new anxieties pop up since I’ve been off of Facebook.

About fear of natural disasters — and news stories – and how will I know about things happening if I’m not getting it in my Facebook feed?

I’ve started reading the news more online.  So I’m aware of what’s going on, but we’ve had some really bad thunder/lightening storms here — much louder and what seems to be more extreme than normal — and it’s gotten me worried.


It’s not seeing reassurance or notification on Facebook of these weather things… which is something I used to pay attention to.

Plus the not having tv, so it’s not like a warning runs across the screen.

Plus not having a cell phone (just a pay as you go one that I don’t use… only for travel on the highway / emergencies)

Plus the not talking to many people — and no one on a regular basis that lives in the area.

And there you go — Congrats!  I’ve managed to totally isolate myself.

It’s funny, cause in the past people could be completely alone but has this perceived feeling of being with others… by Facebook… TV…. cell phones

Now I have none of that.

So I’ve had anxieties about news / natural disasters — and how will I know if something urgent is going on that I need to evacuate the area — and where would I even go?

That’s the anxiety from not speaking to my family members.

Not having “friends” here.

So I’m just putting that out there so you know what’s going on.

I’m working on the anxieties.  I’ve contacted my Naturopath and I’m doing what I can to ground myself and calm myself.

I think it’s also me picking up on the collective fears that are going on… the recent tornado in OK, I just watched an episode of the Bachelorette where she visited Atlantic City and the destruction there from the storm – which I still think was man made / gov’t done….

So there’s fear going on in this world.  It also concerns me cause I’m psychic so I hope I’m not picking up on something bad to happen here in South Florida…