February 15, 2014

Over the last 6 months, since I have been wanting to take my TV ideas to the next level / get them off the ground, I realized some things about life, about business, and about myself.


It sounds cliche — and I never got the full meaning of that until recently.

All through the years — and especially highlighted over 2013, I think I was giving up on what was in my heart.

I was guided to cover the Zimmerman trial.  Guided to talk about that stuff.  As well as other things going on with corruption in our world.  #1-I was guided there #2-I loved doing it.

When something fills your heart, you keep doing it.  You keep going for it.  Regardless of what other people say or how they react.

It doesn’t matter how they respond to you — as long as you are thoughtful, conscious, healed and know in your heart you are doing what you are guided to do — and that it’s coming from a loving place.

I’m going to make a video about this and post it here for you….

PS:  In this video I talk about my coverage of the DUNN TRIAL.  You can watch the videos I made about that Trial here.