April 19, 2013

This is what I posted on my Facebook after the Spiritual Beach Talk yesterday:

I’m amazed at how my work keeps changing — and how it’s changed and expanded so much! I started out teaching how to attract “the One” and helping people with their relationships — and now most of my time is spent helping students heal their fears, heal childhood wounding, helping heal anger / sadness / loneliness and develop new and better patterns of relating to people and learning how to set up healthy boundaries… as well as helping people find their true self… and stepping into their divine mission. I think things are leveling out now and settling on these main things, but who knows? Spirit keeps changing things for me, expanding my work and deepening it. Feeling really grateful to be given the gifts to be doing what I do!

And it’s true.  This has almost been bothering me lately — and yes, I’ve been enjoying seeing everything expand as well, all my gifts and talents, it’s been fun — but also bothering me.

I would say to Spirit, how am I supposed to market if this keeps changing?

What am I to market?

I’ve changed the slogan on my website a million times over the last 2 months or so.

But this is about surrender.  Just do what feels good in my heart at the time.

Teach what feels good and right.

I seem to be teaching about divine mission – – and helping lightworkers get over their fears to step out and be seen in the world.  When I think about it, I’ve been teaching about this all along, but I see how my message is getting stronger – I’m getting more powerful.  We’ll talk about this in the next post…

Lightworkers, it’s time that we all use our voices to speak up about these things going on in our world. I know this makes you uncomfortable – to be looked at — fear of being criticized — or past life stuff about what has happened to you when you did stand in your power and voice your opinions, but our world needs you now. It’s time to step up and do what you agreed to do in this world before you came. Yes, we’re talking about, it’s time to step up and do your Divine Mission. Anything that pisses you off, angers you, upsets you about what is going on in the world — the time is now – – speak up, start making change. Someone else is not going to do it, this is your mission to do.

… and if these things do scare you to speak up and be seen, then it is up to you to take the NEXT STEP to get yourself there. Start preparing yourself now. This is a journey of being okay about stepping and being seen, it doesn’t happen over night. Are you preparing yourself? Healing your insecurities? Healing your fears about being seen? You’ve got to! Life is a series of steps, you take one after the next. If you are not ready to be seen… then you take the next step to feel comfortable being seen. Get yourself in with a healer. Start healing these fears, start working on your insecurities. There’s support out there and you have to do the steps to ready yourself. You came here for a mission. You did not come here to stay weak, quiet, meek. You came here to be loud and proud. You came here to voice your opinions. Do not delay, take a step towards the direction of preparing yourself for what you came here to do. The world needs you!!

… and don’t use money as a way to keep you hiding. That is a way you are keeping yourself weak, powerless. That’s your mind talking, not your Spirit – it’s not your Soul — and it’s not the Truth. Step up and claim your power. The time is now. www.blairesland.com

This is also what I posted on my Facebook yesterday, earlier than that last post: