January 5, 2013

My Violence Detox has been a bit weird.. or shall I say, confusing.


Well, I kind of feel a bit unclear as to what my role is.

Do I…

A – Do the Violence Detox myself and not be concerned about how many people are doing it or not doing it?

B – Should I keep sending out emails to my newsletter to encourage people to join me on their own Violence Detox?  This goes along with Facebook…

C – Should I be posting about my own experience with the Detox or make it general so other people can awaken to how they are “being violent”

D – Should I be DOING the Detox or should I be cheerleading for it and spreading the word?  Or both?

The main issue of confusion is D.  Where do I put my energy?  It feels a bit weird to be doing both. It feels like I should be the leader, rounding up the troops… rather than be concerned with my own Violence Detox… BUT it also feels like a leader, leads by example…. so I don’t know why this is so confusing to me, but it is.


What do you think?

Usually I’m used to my role as teacher…. okay, I teach, which means I talk… and you listen and do.

Or healer… which is I listen… invite Spirit to enter… and relay what Spirit wants to me say and do..

Okay, those are easy.

But the role of leader…. hmm… I’ve lead before, but somehow I’m confused by this one.

And also I question do I even care about a Violence Detox?  Oh man, what is going on?

As I write this….

444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well.