January 16, 2013

Sorry for this post being a bit late….

I wanted to let you know how the violence detox ended up for me.  Well, it was interesting.

Since I don’t watch anything violent or really listen to anything violent (although sometimes I catch a hip hop song on the radio that I don’t like the lyrics for… if I can decipher them, that is, and I will turn it off)

What I noticed during my violence detox is how much I make remarks at people in my head.  How much impatience (ahh, interesting since I just got finished writing these other posts on patience… okay, so now I see why I’m writing this post TODAY rather than a week ago when I finished)

So I see how much impatience I have towards people.

I see how much people tend to annoy me.

Yea, well we’re being honest here, right?

So I think usually I would be like – “you gotta fix this – that’s violence!”  I’m just letting it be.  Who cares.


Well I see that this annoyance is telling me something….. and that, I think, has to do with what I have been speaking out about lately.  Using my ANGER and my FRUSTRATION (two emotions that people look at as “bad”) and making a stand.

Stepping out against spiritual people who are super passive and are afraid or don’t have power or (yes, I know, not in the place / not ready) to make a stand right now….

Stepping out against the violence on TV and movies which annoy me.  Annoyance about using your gifts to promote violence and to make a buck.  Rather than uplifting people, etc.

This is all what I’ve been speaking up against.  So if I was to SHAME or PUSH DOWN or DENY my FRUSTRATIONS and ANGER towards people, then I wouldn’t have the FUEL to be an activist.

Cause, yes, I’ve been laughing about this lately with my Guides – yes, I’m an activist these days.  hahah!  Who would of ever thought that?

But of course… if I knew any better and/or if someone had any awareness about this themselves, they would have said BLAIRE, YOU ARE SO PASSIONATE… BLAIRE YOU HAVE SO MANY OPINIONS…. SPEAK OUT, THAT”S GREAT FOR YOU!  THAT”S ONE OF YOUR GIFTS!

But, this is something I discovered about myself 🙂

This is one of my gifts that no teacher or healer recognized in me.  No one pointed it out or claimed it for me.  I did it for myself.  Right here, right now, on this blog…. and you know, that makes me feel proud.

So again, if the message was shut that anger and frustration down… it’s bad… and turn it off… I would have never found myself – the part of me that I am so enjoying now.

Hmm… isn’t that amazing.