April 3, 2013

The other thing that was really touching about my interaction with Hugh was the email I got from him afterwards.  Here’s some of what he wrote…

“One of my favorite interviews thus far! You have a very beautiful personality. I can see why you are able to help others find happiness.”

Wow, that really touched my heart.  I have a VERY beautiful personality?

A BEAUTIFUL personality?

Wow.  Nice.

Now this may sound terrible, but I have never been told that before.  NEVER.

Not only does he say I have a beautiful personality — but a VERY beautiful personality.  Wow.

I kept the email and I’m still letting it sink in.  Thinking about it.

Why was I never told that I have a beautiful personality?  This is a weird thought to me.  Something I’ve never thought of before.  I do have a beautiful personality.  I’m upbeat, I love life, I am an inspired person, a passionate person.  Why has no one ever complimented the beauty of my soul?

This makes me sad just asking these questions.

My ex told me I was the nicest person he’s ever met.

Okay.  Thanks.  That was a bit of a surprise, but I thought about it and it resonated as true very quickly.  I am a very nice person.  I always – or rather I guess – many times take the high road and I know that’s one of the things that has gotten me where I am now with my spiritual evolution.

But my personality.

My QUIRKY personality.  that’s usually how it’s referred to.

And that’s not exactly a positive thing, you know, like a compliment.


Passionate, yes.  But this was never really mentioned either.. and if it was, I never thought it was so positive.

So when someone calls you quirky.  Or someone gives you a funny look.  Or laughs at you… or is it with you?  or at you?  good question… well you tend to build up walls.

You tell yourself your good qualities.

You tell yourself how your passion is a good thing.

You find others, who are stars, with big bold personalities – and you see how that’s what makes them shine.

All the messages I’ve ever gotten was that my uniqueness was weird, and I should simmer down.  Cause I wasn’t understood.  Cause I was threatening to others.  Cause I was too loud.  Too full of life.  Too curious.

Yea… that was another comment, BOY, you’re CURIOUS, aren’t you.

You sure do ask a lot of questions.

But again, those were all said in a tone with negativity.

But I do have a beautiful personality.  You see, I’ve been telling myself this in different ways my whole life, and now he says it to me and it just blows me away.  A compliment.  A damn compliment, can you believe?

On my very beautiful personality.

G-d, I feel like the most insecure person — I didn’t even realize I was insecure about this.

This guy has really moved me, in so many ways – who would have known?

Blaire – with the very beautiful personality.

Still moves me to tears.  Thank you Hugh.