May 18, 2013

One thing I’ve been noticing with all these documentaries I’ve been watching with stars is that they all have a support staff.

A manager

A publicist

A hairstylist

A makeup person

An assistant.

A whatever it is.

I desire that too.  Right now I’d like a manager.

I’d like to be around people who believe in me, who support me, who help me be my best.

I’ve been on business calls before and heard whatever coach talk about having a support staff, which usually means a virtual assistant and a master coach and whatever and it never resonated with me.

But what these stars have, people to support them out at events, to support them in working out deals and creating bigger empires, helping them take care of the details, well, that’s what I desire.

A manager.

A TV developer who sees and believes in my gift and my energy.

Who wants to help me rise.

With all these people too I’ve seen people take them under their wing and help them fly to the next level.

I want that.

I want that now.

Thank you.