February 26, 2014

So for the last who knows how long Dana has been coming to me from this guides and masters type book.  Dana talks about receiving and her message says something like “when will you accept all that you work so hard to manifest” Things like this.

And it pisses me off each time she comes in a message because I will flip to her page day after day — and then I just say, Dana, are you helping me?  What am I doing wrong? I want to receive.  How am I not receiving?  Please help me!”

So last night, here’s my dream.

I was walking up a staircase.  It winded around a bend.

I was slowing going up the stairs, but I was consistently going up.

At the bottom of all the stairs was money and IDs.  Loads of cash, one by one with a person’s ID.  The people were at a club and had gone somewhere else and left their money and IDs under each stair.

I was looking at it.

It would be very easy for me to pick up the money.  To collect it. But I felt bad doing that.  Someone else owned it.  It would be stealing.

Then I found one money/ID that was in a silver case.  For some reason I took that one.

Then I got up to this room and I’m not sure I remember all of this now.

I was in some audio section of this big room.  It was like a club but it wasn’t loud and people were in another room.  I think they all went running to see Justin Bieber perform in the other room.

Then something happened that someone said to me (and again I’m not totally remembering all of this now) — but I was in trouble for taking this one girl’s VIP pass.  It was in that silver container.  I took her money but dropped the ID secretly somewhere, so I could leave / get out.

I was thinking — of all the people I could have taken their money, I took the one girls that stood out with that VIP pass.  I guess she was the one person who was looking for her stuff at that moment….


So here’s what I make of that dream, and you have to forgive me cause I don’t remember it completely right now — but I look at it this way.

There’s money all around for me.  But I feel guilty. Like I’m stealing it from someone.  So I don’t take it.  And then I do take someone’s money and I feel sneaky.  I get in trouble.  They come after me.

So again, I’m not remembering the complete message here, but it does the job.

I need to heal this.

The money was just laying there for me.  That’s abundance.  It’s everywhere.  These people just left it.  No one would know who took it and they didn’t care.

The stairs symbolize my climb to success.  So that was step by step, consistent, going up.  Easy.  But somehow again there’s money that I’m not taking — or accepting — although in the dream it’s not offered to me.  It’s just there along the path.  Money is laid out along my path.

Hmm… so I need to start looking for the money.  It’s clearly here laid out for me.

How am I not accepting it?  How am I not taking it?

Or rather how can I accept it?

How can I feel okay taking it?

I’ll have to process this a bit more.

And of course everyone interprets this stuff differently.  I was in a dream circle for a few months and I’m curious what the moderator of that has to say about this.  I’m sure she has something more positive to share with me.

In any event, I am grateful for the dream.  I don’t need to understand it to accept the healing around it.  I will also do a meditation I have today about clearing money guilt and shame.

I thought this dream was pretty significant.  It is.

Thank you.

PS: You know, maybe this dream just shows how I am going up the path of success (I’ve had other dreams about stairs over the last few months which have been a struggle getting up — and now I see the difference in me confidently, comfortably going up the staircase so this is nice). The stairs are wide too.  Maybe even white and pristine.  Beautiful looking.

So my path of success is beautiful.  Comfortable.  Step by step, at a nice pace.  And money is lining it.  And maybe it shows how I want to make my money honestly and in integrity – rather than steal it from people who trusted their IDs and money there.  I like that.  That makes sense.  Nice.

PSS:  I’m going to get myself breakfast and eat it on the beach.  That sounds divine.  And a special treat for myself. I deserve it. Thank you.