May 7, 2013

I was taking a walk with Magic and I started singing.  Singing in appreciation because my prayers have been answered.

I’ve been asking Spirit to help me with my abundance mindset.  Been asking for more money.  To provide abundantly for myself.  To make my dreams come true.

And all of that has been happening.

Sure we can count a prayer being answered when you’re living the high life, or you can catch it when it’s starting to happen.  When things are shifting.  And now that’s what’s going on for me.  BIG TIME.

That’s why this situation with two of my students in two weeks or less.

That’s why.

Because I’ve said I’m so fed up with this poverty mindset, I want to step out of it.

And Spirit is moving things.  Changing things.

And that’s what’s happening big time here.

My prayers have been answered!

My prayers have been answered!

That’s the attitude to have… cause it’s the truth.