November 7, 2012

I’m writing a book.  Many books.  Actually they are already written.  All of them.  Yep.  All the information I have to share to fill 4 books is already mapped out.  It’s just a matter of teaming up with the right literary agent to be my partner through this journey.

Several literary agents are now reviewing my book proposals.  One already got back to me.  She said she was interested.  Said she wants to work with me.  She also talked about increasing my platform.  The same old story that I knew she – and others – were most likely going to mention.  Increase my Twitter followers, get more Facebook fans, do more current press interviews.

I’ve done all the research on “how to get your book published by a mainstream publisher” and I know you need a strong platform.  But here’s the deal, my thoughts about this process has changed.  My viewpoint has shifted.  Whereas I once saw the validity of having the MOST Facebook fans, the MOST Twitter followers, TONS of press interviews, and on and on… to show the publisher that you are popular… that you will sell books… that you have POWER, I know don’t subscribe to this thinking.

Does this mean I am now doomed to get a book deal by a big mainstream publisher?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

What it has clarified is the type of agent I want to work with… and one that is clearly not a match.

The one who said “get more followers… get more press… get more this or that” is not a match for me.

The one who sees my genius.  Who gets the message of what I am teaching…. who feels it in their heart, well, that’s the one I will believe in.  That’s the one I want to promote me (because after all literary agents promote you to publishing companies)

No longer do I need to be the most popular one on the block in order to be heard, my sound ideas and my challenging of the norm (because after all, I realize this is in everything I teach) – is the whole platform itself in what I am offering through my books.

With love.. it was the challenging of normal dating habits that we do… the whole “dating is a numbers game” and “work hard at dating… go on many dates… do a lot of searching” – well that was all challenged on my site and that was what ended up making me a success.  I got my answers.  My new answers.  My truth on how to do it… the easier, more natural way.

And here we are again, talking about business practices.  Going against the norm of how people market.  Reaching out to many people.. trying to prove yourself… getting loads of prospects… tricking them onto your list by giving them a gift…. and then sell, sell, sell…try to convert.

Well, again, I am doing it differently.  I’ve removed my newsletter sign up box.  I stopped offering free blogs.  (although yes, free videos are still going out that have to do with this new teaching topic, personal power, etc that I share on this blog) — but things are on lock down.  They are exclusive.  It’s more of a give and take.  An equal exchange.  More heartfelt connections, rather than blasting all my material out there…. “like me, like me, like me”

Now of course everything has different energy related to their material… but for me, this just wasn’t working.

So will I have the largest platform as far as Facebook followers, mailing list, Twitter fans, and up to date press.  Maybe yes, maybe no.

This is in Spirit’s hands.  This is his book.  All my books are filled with his material.  I know I am guided.  I know my message is to get out there.  I know I will be reaching millions of people and speaking in front of 10s of 1,000s… so it’s just about being on the adventure and seeing what unfolds.  Standing in my power.  Owning my value and letting myself receive.

Curious to see who comes my way 🙂

And who will be representing me….

(I must say I do get a bit impatient at times… but that’s another story ) 🙂