May 30, 2013

Here are the posts I put on Facebook today.  I think all of this has been about being okay with being vulnerable and revealing myself.  This has been such a personal journey for me.  Much more personal than the love journey.  Interesting how you would be so afraid of your divine mission — and this is something I’ve been praying about doing my whole life.

So yes, the intention to make money off of my sharing, my gifts in this journey is still here.  That same fear of not wanting to repeat MarryBlaire and not making money off of that and putting all this time and energy and sharing all this value in people’s lives without being compensated is still there… but I am still putting SOME stuff out there.  Not all.  And again, this I am seeing as a blessing of this situation.  Being more methodical.  Having a plan.  An intention.  Staying conscious and aware of how much I am sharing, how I am sharing, and the balance of giving and receiving.  I will now sign off Facebook and try to not go back on today or respond.  RECEIVE.  Besides, I have things to take care of… you know, like write up my TV pitch, come up with more ideas about that and more refined ideas, as well as coming up with more ideas / refining how  I want to present myself at events and writing out the event / organizing it as a performance.  HELL YEA.  HOW FANTASTIC!!

Here are the two posts:  (maybe 1 hour apart)

Good morning y’all. Feeling really happy today. This has been the theme for me for a few weeks now. I’ve had a smile plastered on my face almost all day and night. And that’s not really like me… but I’m so darn happy I can’t help it, the smile is just there – almost all the time.

This is becoming my new normal. How f’in awesome, right?! I am loving this time of my life. I want to bottle up every emotion and remember this moment forever.

I am writing about it at because I knew this was the period of my life I was moving into and I wanted to document it all – for myself, so I would always remember it – and for you so you can be inspired by my journey, and so you can learn through it, process your stuff as well. Because this was a journey where I had to work through a lot of my sh-t that was blocking me from getting here.

That’s why I share this stuff. That’s why I’ve always shared. Back in the day through that’s why I shared my journey of going from working hard to find love, to learning how to partner with the Universe. That was a very personal journey — but I shared, because I wanted to inspire others and because I wanted to help you guys get to that place of finding love in an easier way too.

And I did it through this transition – of stepping more into my Divine Mission and shining my light. This journey is way more personal than the journey I took to find my “One” — it’s much more private, much more raw, much more intense. I documented it all at because I wanted to help my fellow lightworkers go through these changes of stepping more into your power and shining your light fearlessly too. We all have a Divine Mission to do here and the process of getting to that place is not talked about, not until now. I am so happy, proud and grateful that this is another thing I am teaching here on Earth. So I am so happy to be on the other side of this transition. Again, proud and excited. My life keeps getting better, with each day a new development, and it’s such an amazing feeling.

Exciting, awesome, and amazing. Those are the words that keep playing in my mind. I can’t say it enough, because I feel so damn good. It’s a time when I am moving my daydreams… into my everyday life. An incredible shift in perspective, everything is changing – and changing for the incredible. It keeps falling more and more into place, and I keep expanding and experiencing more joy and more of myself. This is what I’ve been dreaming about and praying about — living the life of my dreams. It’s happening now. Imagine that. Imagine you could live the life you’ve dreamed of? It’s so great. And I am so happy to be in this place. So proud of myself, so grateful, and so excited to be here. I can’t help but share.


Next post:

I am so happy. Just got the greatest gift from Spirit. Went out to walk Magic and right as I was walking near this lake we have by my home there were two river otters. Front and center. I didn’t realize what they were because they were laying down and I never saw them so close. Well, needless to say when I realized they were river otters I started jumping up and down and trying to show Magic them… maybe a bit too loud with my voice. Well anyway, my keys fell out of my pocket and scared them. They looked at me – I tried to reassure them I was their friend and was happy to see them, and would keep my distance, but there was just too much excitement on my behalf. They picked up the fish they were eating and ran back into the water. RIVER OTTERS!! I love river otters, LOVE THEM!! And what a beautiful message. All animals carry a message with them… River Otters are all about joy, playtime, feminine energy, inner child and things naturally unfolding in one’s life. A perfect message for my life now. Totally the theme of what I’m experiencing and I feel so blessed that the river otter is helping me in my journey. Thank you!!