November 24, 2012

Remember I shared that I am moving into the space of learning my lessons through ease and grace, happiness and joy, rather than pain and suffering?  Well, the last few days have been a bit painful, but in between my tears (been crying a lot) I have been gracefully been walked through the healing.

In the past I would rush to read a book or read an article or do something, whereas now I am just guided to take really good care of myself.  Meditate, clean the energy around me – in my home and in my aura as well as around my business, do some stretching/yoga, a walk in nature, praying, cooking, being.  Not like what I was doing before was wrong – I think one does need to go through that big research and learning mode, but I am in a different state of awareness now – through all the years of learning and healing, I’ve gotten into a higher knowingness and wisdom and awareness as to what to do to help my body heal.  I also have a greater connection to my guides and other Spirit friends and I follow what they tell me to do to help myself during this time.